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A Camper's Poem

Recently a camper's parent shared with us the poem her camper had recently written for a school assignment. She thought we would love it, and you know what, she was right!

A Poem, by Jolie H.


"The Prologue -

In order to escape reality,

When life gets rougher than a raging sea,

I turn to a place that will calm my nerves,

A place that I think everyone deserves.

A place with thousands of stars in the sky,

Where you can see planets with just your eye.

A place to disconnect from stressful life,

Where you can cut the silence with a knife.

Nature takes the place of cellular phones.

Friends keep you from feeling like you’re alone.

The social network there is face-to-face.

The stress you may have begins to erase.

The bonds of friendship form more quickly there;

Bonds as strong as steel, friends who really care.

This place I speak of is way up in Maine.

It’s sometimes cloudy and there is much rain,

But when the sky is clear and moon is bright,

The good in people’s hearts starts to take flight.

The place is a camp that you make your home

In cabins so that you’re never alone.

The grass is greener there, the sky more blue,

And to that camp in Maine my love is true.

To get to my beloved paradise,

It takes quite a long time to be precise.

Nine, ten an hour to be understood,

To be there every day, I wish I could.

And though the drive is long and protracted,

By the scenery, I am distracted.

The whizzing trees and open country fields,

From every feeling of danger they shield.

So that is why camp is my getaway,

Away from all things that cause me dismay.

The Friend Along with me I’ll bring my greatest friend.

A friend who will be with me ‘till the end.

She brings happiness I cannot describe.

With her there is no bad, just a good vibe.

Her beauty radiates like the sun’s heat,

And her humor is truly hard to beat.

Her long hair is soft and her skin is clear,

To my heart she is held so very dear.

With her around, there is peace in my heart.

It would kill me if we should ever part.

With her around, the children all feel safe,

And far away from those that bring them chafe."

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