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Gratitude for Quaran-teens

Advice to Parents and Campers for Staying Happy and Healthy During Worrying Times

TikTok vs the Human OS

Make Your Way Back Home...

MTC = Maine Thanksgiving Camp!

A Camper's Poem

Being Generally Successful...

Why we need animals in our lives (or, why are there goats at camp now?)

Digital Relationship Post-Camp Plan for Campers

The sign says "Don't Play"...

Take a Stroll to Better Grades and Work

Why a Tech Free Camp for Teenagers?

How Does a Summer Camp in the Woods of Maine Foster The 4C’s of 21st Century Skills in Teenagers?

Reconciling Social Media: Online Marketing at an Offline Camp

A Thanksgiving Note – The Science That Explains How GRATITUDE Improves Our Lives.

Are You Uncomfortable? Excellent!

9 Hours, Why Sleep Matters

Camp – It’s Not About Politics...

Not Just a Pretty Face

Persuasive Technology and the Digital Threat to Wellbeing

Let's Talk about Bugs!

Camp vs. Campus

Let's Listen: Why "March for our Lives" is as much about empowering Teens as it is about Gun Control

A Parents Perspective on Camp: Part 4 - From "NO WAY" to "Bring on Next Summer", in Italian

In Defense of Winter, Pt 2

A Parents Perspective on Camp: Part 3 - Finding the Right Fit Between Camper & Camp

Fully Elective, Teenage Friendly Activities.

A Parents Perspective on Camp: Part 2 - "The Happiest Surprise"

A Space for Teens in an Age of Anxiety

A Parents Perspective on Camp: Part 1 - Summers 2014 & 2017

13 (and a bit) Things We Learned About Camp and Teens, This Summer

What Parents Have Said About Summer 2017 (A Small Sample...)

Digital Detox and Post Summer Re-Entry...

Identity - The Most Important Achievement of Adolescence

The Most Radical Concept In Teen Summer Programming - FUN!

Camp - (Re)Learning To Take Some Risk

Camp as a Place of Meaning

Work - Life balance...for teens?

Understanding the Camp Growth Experience

Camp as Community

The "Bubble"

Nature - The Importance of Time Outdoors

Camp and the Road to Resilience

A Timely Reminder to Camp Families

The Convert: Becoming a Believer in Maine Camps

Nature, Kids, Camp - The Importance of Falling in Love...

Taking a Break

Not Perfect

Advice From a Former Staff...

Parent Memo #3 - Friendship

Parent Memo #2 - Inclusion & Acceptance

Parent Memo #1 - Self Care at Camp

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Teen Summer Program

The Answer to Teen Stress

A Fully Elective Program

Camp Interwebs?

The Value of Fun and Play

Camp as Homework? Say It Ain’t So!

Community Matters

Heavy Heart

The Role of Camps

Back to School? Try Not to Forget too Much...

Bells and Friends

Camper Arrival Day Pt 1

How Lucky We Are!

The More Things Change...

In Defense of Winter, Pt 1

Why Camp Matters

MTC Unplugged

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