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The Traffic Circle - MTC Alumni Newsletter - Nov '18

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IMG_5788Welcome to our new Alumni newsletter “The Traffic Circle”. As you know the traffic circle at camp is where people gather and mingle before or after meals, in between classes, during free time. You often see campers and staff in The Traffic Circle for games of 4 Square, Roof Ball, Ladder Ball, Can Jam, 2018’s sensational new game “9 Square in the Air” (Google it, seriously). Also, those of a certain vintage will recall that The Traffic Circle was the name of our old website forum in the early 2000’s, back in the time before everything online was ruined by bots and spam.

Some of you we’ve been in regular contact with, and others…it’s been awhile. Some of you come to Maine to visit us regularly, some we haven’t seen since you had tears running down your face, crying as you left on the last-day-of-the-best-summer-of-your-life. Regardless, we’re excited to start communicating with you on a more regular basis, 3 or 4 times a year, and we are really hoping we’ll be hearing more from you as a result.

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