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For starters, MTC came through the Superstorm Sandy with no real damage – a couple of trees down, that’s about it.  Maine, as a whole, was spared the worst of the storm.  But since the power came back on, we have been glued to the TV, watching the news footage from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and several other hard-hit states.DSC_6283While we can’t contact all of our MTC family directly right now, we are fairly confident that all are safe.

However, there is still hard times ahead for many members of our community, and more importantly, many thousands of people in the affected regions.  Our hearts go out to them; some families have lost everything, and some have lost loved ones.  But through the support of the wider community, people will recover.

We urge you to help in any way you can.  The link at the end of this post is for the American Red Cross.  Donate, raise funds, and/or volunteer.  Here in Maine, we can help by donating funds and/or blood (ooooh, Halloween tie in!).  Whatever you can do, do it.

Stay safe if you are in the affected area, let us know you are okay when you can, and know that we are thinking of you from your other home…in Maine.

Much love,

Monique, Matt, Tanner & Nicky.

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