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A Parents Perspective on Camp: Part 4 - From "NO WAY" to "Bring on Next Summer", in Italian

The fourth guest blog in our parents perspective series is from Laura C, of Catania, Italy.  Her two oldest sons will be returning for their 2nd and 3rd summers at MTC in 2018

On 1st October 2001 my first son Stefano was born; after all the doctors and relatives had gone and we were just the three of us for the first time, my husband holding and staring at our newborn told him: “When you will be 14, in the summer, you will go to the States for one month”. Being a Sicilian mother having just delivered her first son I said “WHAT???”, he gently replied “When you will be 14, in the summer you will go to the States for one month”, I said:”NO WAY!”.

S2FD - Movie Festivus - 206Years went through, we had other three kids and Stefano turned 14. Couple weeks after his birthday, one morning my husband had a strange light in his eyes and an uncommonly excited temperament, I was scared because I had seen that light many times before then I didn’t want to ask. After a while he said with nonchalance: “Stefano, you will go the the States this summer for one month”, again I said “WHAT???”, Stefano was speechless, then I said “NO WAY!”, my husband gently replied “I applied, made the downpayment and booked the flight, he will go to Maine, where Tommaso (our nephew) had been last two summers, Caterina (Tommaso’s sister) is going also and there will be more than hundred teens from all over the world” he showed us MTC website, Stefano started smiling, I started crying…I couldn’t believe it, my little kid, alone, in the States, for one month. Little by little we got used with the idea.

Summer arrived and we realized time to say goodbye was approaching fast. The night before we talked a lot, Stefano was excited but also worried of homesickness, of language difference and of having troubles making new friends; his brothers were very sad, especially Dario, our second son, who was used to doing everything with his eldest brother but each of us decided to take it easy and live this experience at the best.

S2W3SD - Staycation - 005.jpgHe was welcomed at Boston Airport by MTC staff who had him immediately feel at his ease. When he called me was tired and hungry but relaxed and happy to start this new adventure.

And that’s what it was: a wonderful, intense, powerful adventure that made Stefano stronger, more self-confident , open-minded and happier: when he got back home he was closer to us (I was afraid of welcoming back a stranger!!!) but also he had developed a positive attitude towards new experiences. He often told me he dreamt of waking up at camp and felt kind of sorrow when he realized that he wasn’t going to activities in the woods but he had to go to school instead. During the year he talked so much of the Camp that he forced us to apply for the following summer for his brother as well.

Then last summer I had to take two sons to the airport (50% of my kids out!!!) this resulted in the most exciting experience both of them had. They started a new kind of friendship between each other and helped them building new bonds with others.

Now they’re planning to take the other brother and sister with them but luckily they’re not teen yet.

We applied for the third summer and we hope we can send all our kids for as many years as possible to MTC.

Thanks to Matt, Monique, Nicky, Andy and all the staff to be a family for our sons.

Stefano and Dario are already getting ready and dreaming of their beautiful days in the State of Maine that are going to come…


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