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2019S1W3FD - Art Show - 049Thanksgiving is, by far, the favorite holiday here at MTC-HQ. We love everything about it – of course, the opportunity to cook and eat a ton of great food, but even better is the ability to spend some quality time with family and friends. The extended long weekend of Thanksgiving gives us a chance to see everyone, and not have to rush off to the next thing.

This Thanksgiving, we are thinking of ways we can make it the most MTC Thanksgiving possible, in some ways obvious, and in others a little more of a stretch.

  • Gratitude. Let’s get the super obvious one out of the way first. Thanksgiving. Showing gratitude. It sounds simple, and it should be, but it’s too important to leave to chance. At camp we practice thanking those around us, the staff, the campers, instructors, kitchen staff, parents, as often as possible. By remarking upon that we are grateful for, we draw our attention to what we have, and how lucky we are. Our campers are fortunate young people, and we know how fortunate we are to work with them. So thank you to all our camp families.
  • 2019S1W3DD - Bonfire on the Beach - 019Disconnecting to reconnect. (Please pass this section along to your camper for us!). While it may be tempting to dive into the familiarity and isolation of your phone or device this Thanksgiving, try to resist that urge, and lead by example. The folks around you may not have had your recent experience at camp of filling time without the crutch of technology. You know how to do so, you had weeks of practice at camp, and you may need to role model how to do stuff without a screen. It may be hard at first to get others to put down their phones and be present, but you know it’s worth it. Push ahead, get others involved. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Food. Some of us may love the food at Thanksgiving a little too much. While most camp meals can’t rise to the level of a Thanksgiving dinner, camp meals do stand out for one really big reason. At camp, we all sit together, eat together, and talk. Undistracted and taking our time. Meals at camp are pretty leisurely affairs, with no cellphones in the way. The conversation are as fulfilling as the food, and we think that in 2019, teenagers and adults, friends, role models, sitting and eating and talking together is worth celebrating. And replicating.
  • 2019S2W3FD - Wild Wild Westivus - 071Chatting. Thanksgiving is such a perfect time to get together and just talk. The long weekend is honored by schools, by many work places, and most other organizations, allowing families and friends to press pause on increasingly hectic schedules. Having time to be able to enjoy conversation is a hallmark of a summer at camp, and a high point of Thanksgiving.
  • The Outdoors. While this may not be as obvious on it’s face, Thanksgiving is an excellent time to spend outdoors, and many families do. Having time over a long weekend, having motivation due to the amount of food served, and (especially in northern states) usually a lack of snow on the ground makes Thanksgiving a perfect time to do a little more of the camp thing, and spend a ton of time outside.
  • Playing. Thanksgiving is designed to play. Family and friends coming together, eating, talking, continuing to be together, with lots of time to spend. Playing, indoors or outdoors, is almost inevitable. We want to remind all our camp community of the satisfaction and fun that you feel when spending time playing with the people surrounding you.
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