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An Improved Website. A New Blog

IMG_3031So here it is, the newly improved Maine Teen Camp website, complete with blogging tool!  We are excited to have updated the website, it refreshes the look, but is built on a more powerful and flexible platform.  We can now keep the content more current, and hopefully more relevant.

Obviously, we also have a new blogging app installed on the website.  Some of you may recall that we had a blog at in the past.  That's right, Pinchy's Blog.  Pinchy, as you may know, is a cat.  Our cat.  We thought it would be a cute pretense to write a blog from the point of view of a cat who has the inside scoop on whats happening in camp.  It was cute.  For a week.  Then we realized that the concept lacked pretty much everything but cute.  So we never updated it, and like 90% of blogs and tamagochi, it died of neglect.

Hopefully this time, with no gimmick to maintain, we will be more motivated to keep posting on the blog.  It will be updated mostly by Matt & Monique, and we plan on breaking news about camp goings on, filing updates for ongoing projects, getting into more detail on our "philosophy of camping" than is appropriate for a website, and having a few guest contributors from time to time.  We realize we are a few years late to this party, but hey, its camp, time has a different flow up here in Maine....

This final point, the role of technology in our camp life, will be the subject of the next, and really first substantive blog post.  The role of technology in camping - The good, the bad, and the meh...

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