Word Around the Campfire #8 - 16th August 2018

Thoughts from a closing campfire... 

Tonight was the closing campfire for summer 2018.  The last, until next June, in a chain of campfires in that same space that stretches back almost 100 years.  It is an event that is joyful, emotional, often hilarious and always poignant.  Campers and staff quietly contemplating, and sharing, a part of their summer experience.  It’s an event that is never recorded, a moment in time that is known and shared only by those who were there.

But there is some ideas and thoughts that came up and resonated very strongly with what we all experienced this summer, and those themes seem appropriate to share.


Word Around the Campfire #7 - 8th August 2018

 A great dose of nature.

Two nights ago I had one of those amazing camp director moments.  It was after evening program, and as I left the office, I couldn’t help but notice Mars shining brightly in the South Eastern sky, and casting a wonderful, weird orange glow onto the lake.  Gathering a group of campers from one of the boys cabins, I pointed out Mars, and left the rest to them.

The sense of wonder expressed by the kids (and staff) was immediately obvious.  Questions were asked about why Mars was so bright, how we knew that was Mars, was that the Milky Way, where is the Big Dipper.  Random thoughts and observations followed, including chatting about the future of a Mars colony.


Word Around the Campfire #6 - 31st July 2018

This week at camp feels like the right moment to talk about one of the under-appreciated resources the campers all enjoy, and benefit from, here at camp...  Time.

The middle week/s of a session are often just the best weeks of the session.  Campers are familiar with the culture and fully involved members of the community.  We’re not yet into the somewhat manic schedule of events that kicks off the last week of the summer, and are instead able to enjoy some chill, fun, easy going summer days.  We get a chance to enjoy some of the stuff that takes a bit more time.


Word Around the Campfire #5 - 26th July 2018

Old friends weren’t always old. 

The Second Session of summer 2018 started on Sunday afternoon.  The rain showers that had hovered all day lifted, and camp tour, welcome show and cabin night went ahead as planned.

Looking around the faces of campers (and staff) in those first couple of hours, in among the smiles, laughs and hugs between campers and staff who knew each other, there were a lot of looks of uncertainty, some anxiety, some bewilderment, and even some tears among those who did not.  As the boys from Stanley cabin would say “That’s alright”.  And you know, it will be.


Word Around the Campfire #4 - 19th July 2018

Surprisingly for all of us here at camp, we’ve already sailed past mid July, and have run hard into the reality of the end of First Session.

It is a bittersweet time of course.  Saying good bye to so many great friends is hard, really hard.  Having made so many good friends is priceless.  Learning so many new and diverse skills is eye opening and a source of pride.  Hanging on to those new skills?  That can be a bit harder, but it’s not impossible. 


Word Around the Campfire #3 - 13th July 2018

Apparently today is Friday.  It’s hard to tell here at camp, because we are in that most excellent part of the summer where everything is just in a rhythm, the days are both timeless and flying by, and we aren’t really aware of what’s going on outside the camp gate, and the end of camp is still far enough away to not be of concern. 

One of the best aspects of these days is that the campers are totally relaxed and comfortable in camp.  No one is worried about being seen as “cool”, everyone is happy to show their enthusiasm, and there is an easy acceptance and friendship across the whole community.  Happily, this leads to fun, and lots of play.


Word Around the Campfire #2 - 3rd July 2018

The first activity week of the summer is in the books, the campers have signed up for the second, and “staycation” day is a time when we all get a chance to pause, catch our breath, and enjoy a fairly low key day here at camp.

So I’ve had a chance to think about the week just gone, and the week to come.  And the biggest thing that has jumped out at me is some of the amazing efforts and successes of campers this past week.

We’ve witnessed campers learning to ride a bike – counselors running alongside, up and down the field (sometimes in the rain), and by the end of the first week seeing a novice rider hit the beginners trail.


Word Around the Campfire #1 - 25th June 2018

When the days are being filled with the sounds of nature, and especially in our case, the sounds of the campers arriving, you know summer has arrived! And what better time to send out a newsletter than when you're filled with that summer spirit?!

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