Word Around the Campfire #8 - 16th August 2018

Thoughts from a closing campfire... 

Tonight was the closing campfire for summer 2018.  The last, until next June, in a chain of campfires in that same space that stretches back almost 100 years.  It is an event that is joyful, emotional, often hilarious and always poignant.  Campers and staff quietly contemplating, and sharing, a part of their summer experience.  It’s an event that is never recorded, a moment in time that is known and shared only by those who were there.

But there is some ideas and thoughts that came up and resonated very strongly with what we all experienced this summer, and those themes seem appropriate to share.


Word Around the Campfire #7 - 8th August 2018

 A great dose of nature.

Two nights ago I had one of those amazing camp director moments.  It was after evening program, and as I left the office, I couldn’t help but notice Mars shining brightly in the South Eastern sky, and casting a wonderful, weird orange glow onto the lake.  Gathering a group of campers from one of the boys cabins, I pointed out Mars, and left the rest to them.

The sense of wonder expressed by the kids (and staff) was immediately obvious.  Questions were asked about why Mars was so bright, how we knew that was Mars, was that the Milky Way, where is the Big Dipper.  Random thoughts and observations followed, including chatting about the future of a Mars colony.

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