Word Around the Campfire #2 - 3rd July 2018

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The first activity week of the summer is in the books, the campers have signed up for the second, and “staycation” day is a time when we all get a chance to pause, catch our breath, and enjoy a fairly low key day here at camp.

So I’ve had a chance to think about the week just gone, and the week to come.  And the biggest thing that has jumped out at me is some of the amazing efforts and successes of campers this past week.

IMG_9418We’ve witnessed campers learning to ride a bike – counselors running alongside, up and down the field (sometimes in the rain), and by the end of the first week seeing a novice rider hit the beginners trail.

We’ve seen campers so nervous on the zip platform that they’ve been shaking, but through encouragement from staff and friends, and a trust in themselves, take the leap and have the thrill of the zip line surpassed by the pride of moving forward and completing the task despite the feelings of uncertainty.

We’ve seen campers who have struggled all activity week to get up on waterskis, finally succeeding in the final activity period of the week.  We’ve seen their friends, fellow campers, and staff on the water that period be far happier at that minor victory than their own successes waterskiing.

We’ve seen campers who have previously been too nervous about playing guitar or singing in front of an audience make the choice to get up there and share their song.  If they’ve stumbled, the audience has sung with them.

We’ve seen an entire camp of campers recognize the fun and creativity of a great group of staff dealing with bad weather, as well as the randomness of impromptu dance parties and world cup watching parties that can spring up on a washed-out activity day.

2018S1W1D2 - Period 1 - 100We’ve also seen campers try something completely new and succeed in their first try – a single ski deep water start, or a hook made nearly flawlessly in blacksmithing.  Not knowing they could do something didn’t stop them from trying.    

The through line of all these observations is a wonderful one to appreciate.  Campers pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone.  Taking on a challenge that might be beyond what they know they are capable of, because they and the community believe that they are capable.

Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is like lifting weights in the gym.  Each time we do a bit more, and a bit more, and develop strength from the repetition. With weights, we build muscle.  With the skills we are learning at camp – how to move forward in the face of our fears, how to persevere through failures, how to appreciate the surprises of a change in plans – we are building resiliency.  It’s amazing to see it in action.



2018S1W1D5 - Period 3 - 034What an amazing start to the summer!!! There is truly nothing better than walking around camp and hearing our amazing teens enjoying all the great programming during the first activity week. Working up a sweat in ZoomBah and Functional Fitness; gorgeous artwork made in Oil Painting and Pottery Wheel. Soccer was at an all time high with our amazing soccer coach Ree and world cup in the background. Ropes course had teens zipping away and the waterfront was able to provide a nice cool off with the hot days. This week we have some great new offers and a few classics returning. Chocoholics will be offered in the cooking studio. Camp show is diving into their scripts and stage work. Ultimate Frisbee and Flag Football has been added to land sports. The summer is in full swing and we are loving every second we can!

Health Center

Our health center is all up & running and accepting e-mails so if you have any questions or concerns regarding your camper’s medication or anything else regarding our infirmary, feel free to drop them an e-mail on

You can also contact them by phone on: 207-625-9287 


2018S1W1D2 - Period 1 - 157

From the lunch time performances, impromptu campfires, through to the vocals and songwriting classes filling their composition books, we’ve had an awesome week! E-music has been off to an excellent start with the class moving between different softwares for audio creation, ukulele classes making their way through almost a song a day and our beginner classes making musicians out of our campers - and that’s just week one! To top it off, we had our first artists in the studio this week and we thought you’d like a sneak peak at what’s been happening! Here’s Some Nights by Michaella I, performed by Chloe J.

-Nick and Sean

Some Nights by Michaella I



Week 1 of Evening Programs provided us with a ton of fun times and some amazing memories! After an awesome opening campfire the campers showed of their best dance moves during our lip sync competition! We welcomed in the strawberry moon in style with a sensational dance party, followed by fun and games at this years Quiz Night. The Harry Potter themed evening program allowed for some much needed mid-week chill time before a high energy farmers olympics competition. An outdoor showing of Camp Rock was exactly what the doctor ordered after a massive day at Funtown! A night of relaxation at the MTC Wellness Retreat was the perfect foil to recharge the batteries in time for a massive Activity week Two!

-Dylan & Gina


2018S1W1TD - Funtown - 153

White Water Rafting went off with a splash! Campers enjoyed an exhilarating ride down the river. Sign up this week for round 2 on the 12-13th!

This week is full of trips! We enjoyed a day filled with fun at Funtown for our all camp trip day. Next up is the Best of Portland trip, followed by our first Best of Boston, with the next one occurring July 14th - there is still space on this trip if you wish to sign your campers up! The Freeport shopping extravaganza trip is next followed by our brand new Rock Climbing trip. "



Hi Camper Families, as always, summer is going quicker than ever, and if your camper is signed up for our 2 week session, now is the time to let us know if any travel plans have changed. Travel confirmations will be sent out in a few day times, with departure instructions. Please email Andy at with any questions.



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