Word Around the Campfire #3 - 13th July 2018

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Apparently today is Friday.  It’s hard to tell here at camp, because we are in that most excellent part of the summer where everything is just in a rhythm, the days are both timeless and flying by, and we aren’t really aware of what’s going on outside the camp gate, and the end of camp is still far enough away to not be of concern. 

2018S1W2D2 - The Big Game - 097One of the best aspects of these days is that the campers are totally relaxed and comfortable in camp.  No one is worried about being seen as “cool”, everyone is happy to show their enthusiasm, and there is an easy acceptance and friendship across the whole community.  Happily, this leads to fun, and lots of play.

It might sound odd to speak about the importance of play with this age group, but we recognize play as an entirely natural and appropriate response from a group of awesome teenagers who aren’t distracted by school, schedules or screens. 

When we talk about play, it is important to note that we don’t really mean playing in organized tennis tournaments, basketball matches or camper v staff soccer.  Those are all really great, and have been happening a lot, but they aren’t the spontaneous play we’re looking for.

What we mean is the games of frisbee/soccer-ball/tennis ball whatever the boys play on the lawn outside their cabins each evening after dinner.  We mean the pick up game of football on the beach, or the rock skipping. The random, fun, dumb games that spring up during free time. 

2018S1W2D6 - Dinner - 008One thing we’ve loved seeing is the newest craze in camp “9 Square in the Air”.  We didn’t invent this wonderful cross between 4 Square and Volleyball, we just got a $100 worth of PVC pipe and some couplings, put together a 9 square grid that is 7’ off the ground, and rolled out a playground ball.  The campers figured out the rules in no time (on their own), and have been playing in pretty much every free moment for the last 4 days.  Campers from literally every cabin play together at the same time, 9 playing, and a line waiting to get in.  It’s a fast moving, friendly, fun, deeply pointless game bordering on the absurd.  It’s ideal.  We love it. 

When kids play, especially when they play in a loosely structured, kid directed manner, they are having fun, sure.  But more importantly they’re learning social skills and taking control of their own time and effort.  It isn’t necessarily the point of coming to camp, but it isn’t beside the point either.  Play is an important indicator, is a great habit to fall into, and has real value all of it’s own.  Luckily, we’ve still got lots of days to play ahead of us. 


2018S1W2D3 - Period 5 - 010Week Two is in the record books.  Our campers did an amazing job with the little heat wave we had at camp.  The water sports have been a huge hit with the high temps.  The sound of laughter and cheering is ringing through camp from the waterfront.  This up coming week we have a ton of excitement going on.  Ski Show practice is kicking off.  Prepping for the WOODSTOCK Festivus is under way and all the end of first session activities.  Ultimate Frisbee and Flag Football have been a huge hit with our campers as well.  The new art classes of Kidz Craft and All the Glitters is Glided have been a welcome addition.  Next week we will have the Camp Show getting ready for their production of ‘Pippin’ and Dance classes prepping for the Dance Show.  We truly can’t wait to share all the amazing photos with you of your amazing campers!!!!



2018S1W2D2 - Period 4 - 058Wow, what a summer it has been for the 2018 cohort of LT's!There are 12 Leaders in Training this summer, and boy have they been getting to work! The LT's this summer jumped into their responsibilities with assisting with arrival day of first session by greeting campers as they arrived, taking pictures of them, handing our shirts, and getting campers settled in with the arrival procedures. The first week the LT's began their camp store assignments within their Earth, Wind, Water groups, as well as assisting and contributing to Evening Programs with their Fire and Ice groups for both set up and break down, as well as working stations. They have been more involved with EPs this summer and really helping the counselors out with their enthusiasm, passion, professionalism, and commitment to making magic for campers and staff alike during Evening Programming.

2018S1AD - Arrival Day - 010

The LT's have also began collaborating with their buddy cabins and all seem excited and thankful for their cabins assignments and co-buddys. The LT's will be going on their first few trips of the summer this coming week, from assisting EMT's in cleaning an ambulance, to going bowling as a group. The LTs have also began assisting classes, and have all taken on 12 different classes to assist. After checking in with the staff they are assisting, I discovered they are all doing marvelously, and some staff even stated that the LTs are like fellow counselors with how mature and helpful they have been, stating that many of them could lead classes on their own. The LTs also did something they've never done before, and helped the Program Director with signing the camp of almost 200 campers up for classes! This worked so well, that the LT's will be assisting with sign-ups for the rest of the summer! I'm immensely proud of the LT's for going above and beyond in their responsibilities and duties to their program, MTC, and the surrounding community. The LT's of 2018 are diligently holding up their responsibilities and making a positive impact on the MTC community. We sure do look forward to seeing what they will accomplish this summer. I'm honored and thankful to be their Leadership in Training Coordinator and looking forward to all they will achieve this summer!



2018S1W2D6 - Dinner - 003Our hard rocking bands went through 4 sets of strings last week in the run up to our Live Dance EP later this week and our 2 week band performed at our Coffee House EP as the closing act of the evening! As this week gets under way, the bands are putting their finishing touches to songs, remembering their lyrics and trying to get together some last minute classics which we can’t wait to hear on Sunday. Lunch and dinner performances last week were also on top form with a variety of campers showcasing their freshly written songs and some solo’ing George Michaels Careless Whisper on Sax… This week we have Jacob S entering the studio to start tracking his vocals for his new song, Back To Me which he wrote in his e-music classes.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect later in the year!

-Nick and Sean



2018S1W2D3 - JC - Fireworks - 001Activity Week Two has been a whirlwind! We started off the week with The Big Game, where camper and counselor teams went head to head in friendly games of volleyball and basketball. With an incredible fireworks display and delicious smoothies, our Fourth of July beach party was an extravaganza! We then had Coffee House, a relaxed "open mic" style event, where campers can perform music, poetry and more. Later, we had our Color Dance where campers boogied the night away. We then had our new Evening Program, Fun time, where campers......  Then campers got their detective hats on to solve a mystery in MTC’s real life game of Clue!

We rounded out the week with a relaxed movie night and a high energy evening of fun, Arcade Night, in which the lodge is transformed into a live action arcade!

-Dylan & Gina


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We can’t believe it’s already activity week 3 here at camp! Last week was filled with trips, including Best of Portland, Best of Boston, Freeport, and our new Rock Climbing trip! Our trip day this week was at Scarborough Beach, filled with sun, sand and blue ocean waves.
This week we have our last White Water Rafting trip of the session, followed by our second Best of Boston trip as well. There is currently still space on the second Best of Boston trip, which features shopping at Faneuil Hall, a famous Duck tour over land and sea, lunch at the historical Quincy Market and dinner at Fire and Ice!
It’s been such a pleasure getting know all our first session campers as it’s truly been another beautiful summer in the state of Maine this summer!



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