Word Around the Campfire #8 - 16th August 2018

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Thoughts from a closing campfire... 

2018S2W1D1 - Camp Fire - 018Tonight was the closing campfire for summer 2018.  The last, until next June, in a chain of campfires in that same space that stretches back almost 100 years.  It is an event that is joyful, emotional, often hilarious and always poignant.  Campers and staff quietly contemplating, and sharing, a part of their summer experience.  It’s an event that is never recorded, a moment in time that is known and shared only by those who were there.

But there is some ideas and thoughts that came up and resonated very strongly with what we all experienced this summer, and those themes seem appropriate to share.

Acceptance seemed to be on a lot of campers minds.  In ways small and large, expressed and implied, campers spoke and sang about finding a place that accepted them for who they are.  Simply and clearly, the message was repeated. 

2018S2W3D6 - Tennis Finals - 179Friendship was, of course, the dominant theme.  Campers were supported by friends as they sang, made dedications to friends, spoke of their bewilderment at finding such close friends in such a short time, and leaned against friends as they watched the campfire. 

Campers and staff spoke of how they have had a hard year/s outside of camp, due to loss of a loved one, political turmoil in their country, or something more personal - and how important the community here has been in supporting them in times of loss, or reminding them there are places and people in the world that will be here for them.  No matter what.

Songs that were written here, songs celebrating friendship, despairing over separation, remembering the sounds and sights of camp, or the feeling of a real crush were performed for a crowd for the first time.  Other songs were old favorites, known by all and sung joyfully, or less well known but personally meaningful. 

2018S2W3D6 - Evening Meeting - 039The randomness and humor of camp was well represented also, with several acts using the expectation that something meaningful was about to happen to surprise and (usually) elicit a pretty good laugh.  Sure there were more tears than laughs, but that’s to be expected, and laughter gets a good run as the dominant emotional expression the rest of the summer.

Finally, campfire becomes a true representation of a community.  Campers from dozens of countries and backgrounds gather for a summer.  They bond, learn together, get cranky with each other, fall in love, fall out of love, face challenges deemed impossible a short time ago, take time to talk and play and sing and laugh, and become friends through it all.  They then distill all of that down into a 3+ hour campfire that is catharsis, thank you, and goodbye all wrapped up in one. 

We’ll light another campfire there next June.  Until then, travel safe, keep in touch, and be good to your friends. 

Much love –Matt, Monique, Nicky, Mark and the whole MTC staff

2019 Dates

We have our dates set for 2019 and because we wait listed three sessions this summer, we wanted you to have first choice of sessions.

Our online registration form is OPEN!  You can save $200 off a 2 Week Session, or $400 off any other session.  For reference, our session dates are as follows:

2018S2FD - Ancient Greek Festivus - 248

First Session:  June 23 - July 18

Second Session:  July 21 - Aug 13

Full Season:  June 23 - Aug 13

Third Session June 23 – Aug 03

Two Week A:  June 23 – July 06

Two Week B:  July 21 - Aug 03

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Thank you for allowing your camper to be a part of our fantastic summer at MTC.  We are already working on plans for 2019! 


2018S2W3D4 - Live Dance - 037...and that’s a wrap! We have no idea where this summer has gone but we have had an absolute blast! As we close down the studio, we couldn’t help but listen back to the raw recordings of live dance, coffee house and the extremely talented campers. We just want to say a huge thank you to everybody who came through the music department this year, to the new musicians and the experienced ones who have progressed in their playing - thank you! We’re going to start working on the videos and music in the coming weeks for release later this year on the and newly updated websites. Hold on tight and keep checking in for the new content!

2018S2FD - Ancient Greek Festivus - 285


All the photos from First and Second Session are now available in the Photo Gallery here:

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2018S2FD - Head Staff Photos - 009The day has finally come… we say good bye to our amazing campers and put camp to bed for another season.  The last week brought an incredible camper created and produced camp show featuring humor in the SNL style.  A ski show featuring the creative and talented campers cutting the waves around Stanley Lake.  Tennis finals that held a captive audience till the last bounce of the ball.  Festivus in the theme of ancient Greece.  Last Chance dance that brought us all through the ages of time via a broken time machine and a closing camp fire that made us all want to linger a little longer around the camp fire a little longer.  From the entire staff and programming team at camp, thank you for sharing your camper with us this summer.  It was truly a beautiful day in the state of Maine every day with your child. 



2018S2W3D6 - Evening Meeting - 066Wait a minute... is this the end already? Wow, what a summer! Tears, laughs, aliens, and 7 weeks later, the LTs have completed their program, and what a ride it was! Many of the the LTs completed over 25 hours of community service, enjoyed bonding events and trips out of camp, had a successful LT dance that was outta this world, contributed to a special gift for Marilynn, planted trees around camp that was in place of the clock for their legacy project, taught pre-existing and original classes, lived in buddy cabins and grew as leaders. It has been such a rewarding summer where the LTs became a family and will remember this summer for decades to arise. Special thanks to the office and MTC community for making this such a magical year for the LTs, and of course to the fabulous LTs that brought joy and energy throughout the entire program! You will be greatly missed, but we hope you spread your wings and share your special talents with the world! 

-Hal & Marissa


2018S2W3D5 - Dance Show - 168We had such an amazing final activity week to round off what has been a truly magical summer! To kick it off we welcomed MTC Alumni Jesse Ruben to come play a special showcase. The night also featured our own very talented musicians Chloe Jones and Ajay Henry playing sets from their own EP's. We then went into the world of Pokemon at our Death Trap Dungeon cabin challenge, where campers battled against each other to be the ultimate pokemon champion. Cabin night gave us the opportunity to relax and enjoy the friendships we have made over the summer, campers got to chill and grill with Pinesy, go to a sports bar, take a boat cruise or hike to Devils Den! Our Live Dance evening program did not disappoint, camper and staff bands turned it on and gave an amazing performance. We also had he opportunity to showcase some very special talents in our camp, video and dance show, be sure to check out the website to see these performances! Finally we turned back time at our Time Machine Last Chance Dance, where the kids got to dance the night away at the fitness centre. A messy Greek festivus and some laughs and tears at our final campfire helped to round of a spectacular summer. We are so glad we got to share these memories with the campers, we have had a blast and can't wait for another beautiful summer in the state of Maine!  

-Dylan & Gina


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