Word Around the Campfire #3 - 11th July 2019

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Greetings on another beautiful day in the state of Maine. We’ve been graced with a tremendous spell or perfect Maine weather, warm but not too hot, with a few stunningly clear nights. Perfect camp weather, and a quick glance at the national weather map with it’s heat and humidity reminds us of why Maine makes most sense for summer camp.
This is also the sort of weather that I most associate with my favorite part of the summer, when everyone is just in the rhythm of camp. No one is really sure of what day it is in the outside world, or really even what time of day it is. We go by the bell, and that is enough. We play when it’s time to play, rest when it’s time to rest, eat when it’s time to eat. The campers and staff become fully present, entirely immersed in what is happening here, now. We see campers learning new skills at an unbelievable rate, friendships forming and deepening, stressors melting away. The mood in camp is often described as chill, but I believe that during these timeless days, it’s something more than that. It is not the absence of stress that defines the camp experience, it is the presence of a positive focus on the present.
These days fly by all too quickly, summer will be over before we know it. But, these timeless days will not be easily forgotten. Campers will have vivid memories of their experiences in camp on these days. They won’t really know what day it was, and it won’t matter. We’re in the rhythm and flow of the summer, and there is no where else we would want to be.



Greetings from the Office! It has been quite an amazing first two weeks of camp. Weather has been in our favor and the sound of campers enjoying the Beautiful State of Maine has not been in short supply. The office has been quiet which means campers have been out and about just loving life! Keep sending letters, packages and emails to let your kiddos know you are thinking of them!!!

2019S1W1D2 - Best of Boston - 001


We are nearing the end of our first session here at camp and we have had beautiful weather for our trips that have gone out so far!  Hopefully that luck continues, as we have two more trips going out this week to wrap up First Session 2019.  Our second White Water Rafting trip will be heading out shortly where our staff and campers will be coursing down the Kennebunk River.  These rapids range from Class 1 to Class 4 and the scenery throughout the river is gorgeous.  The other trip going out this week is our Best of Boston trip.  This trip includes some shopping on the popular Newbury Street in Boston, followed up by a Duck Tour to learn about some of the interesting and historical places throughout Boston.  The day wraps up with a dinner at an amazing Mongolian Grill, called Fire + Ice, which is always a trip highlight.  We look forward to having these trips go out this week to round out some of the campers’ experiences in the New England area!



Departing Campers - Travel confirmations regarding your campers flights will be sent out within the next 72 hours.
Arriving Campers - Travel confirmations will be sent out a few days prior to arrival day.

For UM information please use the exact wording below:
Designated Pick Up: Andrew Gadah (Or Maine Teen Camp Representative with Letter)
Address: 481 Brownfield Road, Porter, Maine, 04068.
Phone Number: 207-625-8581



2019S1W1D3 - Period 3 - 026Week two is done, and what a week it was! The first two weeks of activities have been absolutely amazing with beautiful weather. The waterfront is truly popular to help cool off! Things are well underway in preparations for the final activity week of First Session. Some classics are coming back like Tie Die, but equally as exciting, things are starting to get prepared for Witches and Wizards Festivus! A magical experience it will be.
All the art, dance, video and camp show classes are really getting stuck into it now in preparation to show what they have done this summer, as well as the Waterski and Wakeboarders getting ready to film the Ski Show this upcoming week.
- Jason


2019S1W1D3 - 4th of July - 036Activity Week Two has been a whirlwind! We started off the week with Pop Idol, where campers and staff alike came together to create a lip sync type of performance with guest counselors assigned to each cabin. The next night we unwound with Coffee House in a new location on camp, the amphitheatre. While listening to performances & poetry under that stars, campers enjoyed snacks, decaffeinated coffee, hot chocolate, and good vibes in this beautiful location. The next night was filled with fireworks, literally! We had a delightful 4th of July party on the beach, with games, activities, music, dancing, cake, smoothies, and so much more! What a way to celebrate America’s independence!

2019S1W2SD - Block Party - 114The following night we brought the Family Fun, a new Evening Program that allowed campers to mix groups from different cabins and collaborate together in solving/competing in 20 different activities/stations, with a halftime performance by the dance departments 2 week campers who were departing the following day. The Big Game followed, and boy what a turnout! Campers verses counselors basketball and volleyball game, and was it a close game that came down to the final seconds! Counselors won the volleyball game, and campers the basketball game. Good sportsmanship all around! Then campers got their detective hats on to solve a mystery in MTC’s real life game of Clue with stations and clues all around camp, campers collaborated with their cabins to solve the mystery. The following night was a relaxing movie night, to recharge after a long day at the beach. The final Evening program for week 2 was Block Party, a dance filled with fun, excellent DJ’s, and fun activities mixed in. Wow, what a week! We are all looking forward to week 3 with more Evening PRograms to illuminate the evenings with fun, community, and memories that will last a lifetime. See you next week!

-Djenaba & Hal

2019S1D3 - Period 3 - 001LT

The Leadership Training program is for campers who have attended camp previously for at least 1 summer, are 16-17 years of age and have shown exemplary leadership skill and qualities around camp. This year we have 14 eager and ecstatic LTs who are already going above and beyond to be role models around camp. Last week the LTs learned about active listening and how it is used as a leader while also getting to put the skill to work by having in-depth conversations with each other and with other campers. This week the LTs will learn more about being a role model, have a presentation from Eco-Maine about recycling, and will be travelling to Camp O-AT-KA for a "Peak Experience" presentation from High Resolves. 

- Aaron and Marissa


2019S1W2D5 - Stonehedge Trip - 002On Sunday afternoon we took a small group of campers on an awesome music trip to an open jam event at Stonehedge in Gray, ME.

In a large barn lit up with twinkling fairy lights, we all sat around in a circle amongst a sprinkling of local musicians.  Once the jam was underway we each took it in turn to share a song with the group. During the performances anybody was welcome to join in, whether it was with their voices, their guitars or even with their upright double bass! 

It was a fantastic experience and we all had a great time sharing our music and collaborating in an environment unlike any that we have experienced before.  

For some of our campers it was the first taste of a live performance outside of camp and everyone did such a great job - we have some superstars in the making!

- Chloe, Ajay, and Sean

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