Word Around the Campfire #4 - 19th July 2019

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It is with somewhat of a sense of disbelief that I write this on the night of First Session Departure Day. The calendar says Thursday has just become Friday. Where did the time go? Well… The last 4 or 5 days have been a happy, intense, tiring, relentless series of wonderful camp events, the culmination of a month of hard work, top notch instruction, wonderful weather and community support. The camper bands playing at Live Dance on Sunday; the Camp Show, Video Show & Dance Shows on Monday; Festivus (Harry Potter themed), Art Show, Banquet & Last Chance Dance Tuesday; Packing Day Wednesday saw Tennis Finals, Rock Climbing competition, Ski Show, Session Video, Closing Campfire and Midnight Blues. It has been, in the most literal sense, awesome. There is among the staff a genuine sense of awe at the amount of courage, talent, hard work, and loving support on display. Campers performing/playing/showing their work in front of a large group for the first time have all of us asking the question “would I have had the guts to do that as a teenager?” I’m not sure I would. Yet there they were – singing, playing (everything from drums to tennis), acting, sharing, supporting and being supported.
All of this reminds us as to how lucky we are, and what a huge responsibility we have. We get to see our campers for some of (if not the) the best weeks of their year. They are relaxed, unstressed, safe and happy. We have an obligation to them to provide a place that gives them the opportunities to learn, to take risks, and to trust themselves.
It has been an incredible summer so far, we can’t wait for the rest.



We have now wrapped up our First Session of Summer 2019!  All of the trips this session were so much fun, and we look forward to the Second Session trips to be just as amazing.  As we prepare for the next chapter of our summer, we have our Intersession period to help everyone recuperate their energy.  Today during Intersession, we will be making a trip to Yarmouth, Maine.  Yarmouth is home to the Maine tradition, Clam Festival!  The campers and staff on the trip to the Clam Festival will get to enjoy live music as well as carnival rides, a pie eating competition, food vendors and an overall fun atmosphere!  We are really looking forward to a great time in the sun.  The following week one of Second Session includes trips to Boston and Portland, which are sure to be great experiences for anyone who joins in on the trips!   Hopefully weather is generous to us as we look forward to another beautiful week in the state of Maine!



2019S1W3FD - Witches & Wizards Festivus - 159So first session draws to an end to cap what has been an amazing 4 weeks already! The last activity week brought back a classic like Tie Dye, but also saw Country Music Appreciation along with some advanced classes like Mountain Bikes and Photo. Metal Music Appreciation had a welcome return as well alongside some new classes like Wake Surfing and Glitter Painting.
Our video and boat staff were hard at work with the campers filming for the Ski Show, whilst the Camp Show, Video Show and Dance Show at the end of the week really showed off the talents of our amazing campers! Not to be out-done of course by the beautiful art work that was created for our Art Show.
Our Witches and Wizards festivus was outstanding. A combination of perfect weather, excitement, and of course mess; just made for a very memorable event.
The smiles and laughter that has filled this truly magical place from the campers, to the passion, spirit and inspiration that they showed. From all our staff here, thank you for allowing us to experience those laughs and activities with your campers.
- Jason


2019S1W2SD - Block Party - 035Our final week of Evening Programs for first session kicked off with a fantastic Cabin Night. The head staff group hosted some awesome activities for the campers such as: Chill'n and Grill'n with Pinesy, a private boat tour of Stanley Pond, a sports bar, and night ropes under the stars. Following this, the kids showed their best dance moves with the classic MTC's Best Dance Crew. Chill Out Night, a brand new Evening Program with influence from Wellness Retreat and The Maine Event from previous years, was introduced, and proved to be a massive hit! Hal and Djenaba continue to strive to try new concepts to make the campers happy, engaged, and feeling safe and supported.

International Night took the kids around the globe and allowed them to explore different countries and cultures, all while tasting sweet delights from different cultures. We rounded out the session with some extraordinary performances at our live dance, followed by showcasing everyone's talents at Camp show, Video show and Dance show. Was there a spell on MTC or was that simply the Witches and Wizards themed Festivus?!? Either way, it seems our camp has been bewitched with magic, mystery, and tons of fun activities to end the session off on a magical note. The art show was tasteful, the Last Chance Dance party at the rock wall provided a ton of fun for the kids! A magical final campfire and a few tears at midnight blues rounded out the Evening Programs for the first session. Although this session has come to an end, Hal and Djenaba are looking forward to session 2 and bringing the magic for what awaits. Special thanks to all the staff and campers who made this session a gigantic success!

-Djenaba & Hal


_DSC0833It’s sad to see first session coming to an end, but even so we can still find a reason to celebrate, especially this week -  as we have had live dance and everybody rocked it!

Live dance is the evening programme where the bands that formed at the start of the summer get their chance to perform for the rest of camp in their own concert setting.  For this session’s live dance we set the stage up outside of the theatre and here we had our six amazing camper bands rock out with three or four songs each. The standard of talent was so high and we are so proud of how well everybody did, it was awesome.

In other musical news, the recording studio has been so busy this session!  Campers have been constantly recording the songs that they have written and worked on whilst at camp and we can’t wait to add the final touches to the recordings before getting them up on the website for everyone to hear and enjoy!

In these final days of first session we have also been recording the original soundtrack to this session’s camp show, Not In My Nature with all of the cast involved, so that is very exciting too!

After a very successful first session, we can’t wait to continue making music for the remainder of the summer!

- Chloe, Ajay, and Sean

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