Word Around the Campfire #6 - 2nd August 2019

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With the end of the summer barreling down on us (2 weeks left?  How does this happen!!??), it was wonderful today to have a reminder of one of the most astonishing aspects of the camp experience, something to savor while we have the chance.

I had a post dinner conversation with one of the music instructors at camp.  He was talking about how cool, and confusing, it is to see how quickly the campers in his class are learning what he is teaching. About how he’s had to adapt and move forward at a much more rapid pace than he had anticipated.  What is going on?  Is it really talented, smart campers?  Well, sure, but the same could be said for his students outside of camp.

What is going on is something more fundamental, and worth acknowledging, because it holds lessons for us for the whole year.  Campers learn quickly here at camp because all the things we know about optimizing learning line up here.
Campers sleep well.  9 hours a night.  We know our brains need 9 hours (or more) to learn efficiently.  No stress.  Stress is like kryptonite to learning.  The two things are mutually exclusive, but at camp, campers are relaxed, having fun, and free of the pressure imposed by the academic year.  Speaking of pressure – there is no pressure to perform, no worries about grades at camp.  Campers will try new things because they aren't worried about the consequences of failing, or feeling like anything less than perfect will count against them.They will try things they may be primed to learn, given the chance.  And finally there is just so much support.  Campers get so much encouragement, a ton of external belief that transforms into self-belief in a pretty short span.
We know how lucky we are here at MTC.  We get to see our campers grow and thrive, and this remarkable learning curve is but one aspect.  It is worth acknowledging at this point though, as the lesson is a valuable one.  If we can learn it…



Friday is the deadline for extending! We'd love to have your camper stay with us for the final days of camp because we have so many amazing things planned for our last week of the summer. From crazy unique classes not yet offered during the summer to Festivus, our whole carnival day, and of course closing campfire!

If you are interested in having your camper extend please send an e-mail over to

Trips2019S1W3D3 - WWR - 002

Our first week of Second Session is in the books!  Week two has two great trips in store for the campers.  Our first trip of the week that will be going out is the White Water Rafting trip!  If your camper is signed up to go white water rafting, they can look forward to an amazing experience with North Country Rivers on the Kennebeck River.  The trip begins with the campers enjoying a nice dinner, provided by the rafting company, followed up with a night time campfire and s’mores.  The next morning we will have breakfast and then go rafting down the river during most of the day.  After we have conquered the rapids, we will have lunch and head back to camp.  Other than the rafting trip, we have the Freeport shopping trip this week as well!  For this trip we will travel to the Freeport shopping outlets in Freeport, ME.  The variety of discounted shopping stores in the area is always a blast for the campers who go on this trip.  We look forward to these two trips this week and hope your camper will be there to experience them with us!



Camper Families, as our 2 and 6 week departure is drawing to a close, you all should of received travel confirmations confirming either flight information or pick up plans. If you have not, please do get in touch. A friendly reminder that pick ups are between 10-2 unless otherwise agreed. Thank you!


Program2019S2W2D2 - Period 1 - 034

First week of activities are completed, and it was another great week! The weather has just been perfect so far this summer and it continued yet again. All the classes were out and about, the birds were singing, music playing. The campers were smiling and having fun!

From taking a dip in the lake, trying out wakeboarding, learning new instruments, unleashing their artistic talents or trying a new sport or fitness class; They had plenty to do this week.  We go into week two with some exciting new classes; A new Storytellers Workshop, The Power of Speech, Cartoon Drawing, Bookclub and African Dance. Can only mean this session is in full swing now!  Stay tuned for next week.

- Jason

2019S2W2D2 - LT Dance - 003LT

This week the LTs prepared and put on a Dance for Evening Program. They've spent the last activity week deciding a theme, picking out decorations to make and order, deciding what snacks and activity stations to have and worked very closely with the EP Coordinators to ensure the dance was ready. The Dance was a huge success and enjoyed by all. Next week the LTs will be hosting the Counsellors in Training from Camp Wyonegonic to give a tour of our camp facilities as well as chat about the similarities in our programs.

-Aaron & Marissa

EP2018S2W3D1 - Campchella - 134

Wow, what a week of Evening Programs! We began with experiencing culture and tasting foods from around the world with International Night. We then had the LTs take the stage with their LT dance, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer themed! With tons of stations to epic music, it sure was a winter blast! Following the dance of the summer, Camp-a-palooza, never been done evening program, knocked the camp community into the festival of a lifetime! From music, dance, theatre, there was much joy to experience at this MTC festival! The next day history was made! Pop Idol ALL STARS, where non cabin staff and head staff (including Matt, Monique, Nicky, and Mark!) went into cabins to create memorable lip sync performances. The next day we went back to 1950’s America with music, costumes, and performances by the angelic music department. Following the dance that rocked everyone's socks, was a relaxing movie night under the stars. The following evening was a time to recharge, both mind and body with Zen Den. To end out the week, celebrity Jesse Ruben came to perform at camp, with opening acts Chloe Jones & Ajay Henry! What a delightful week packed with exciting and memorable evening programs. Tune in next week for our final stretch, leading up to this session’s festivus! 

-Djenaba & Hal


It’s all go this week in the music department!  Our usual activities are underway and the camper bands are rehearsing hard for live dance at the end of the session.  We also have a few great musical evening programmes lined up for this week and we are especially excited to be introducing a new EP called Camp-a-palooza! This will be a music festival themed evening programme showcasing the talents of the wonderful staff here at MTC! Campers will be able to relax, dance and check out the festival stalls whilst also appreciating the live performances.  It’s set to be such a fun night!

Songwriting classes are going really well this session and the recording studio has been constantly occupied!

Check out this original song by Harry B.

- Chloe, Ajay, and Sean

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