Word Around the Campfire #7 -11th August 2019

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Hurtling towards the real world…

As we do every morning of the summer, we had our head staff morning today.  Unlike every morning of the summer, this one was taken up primarily by discussion and updates on the planning for the last few days of the camp calendar.  As of the time of writing, we have a mere 2 full days of camp remaining.  Three more activity days, plus Festivus, a whole bunch of outstanding evening programs, more special events than you can poke a stick at, and what will be a very emotional end to what has been an incredible summer.  As staff and admin, we are all contemplating how we will re-emerge into the real world - catching up on sleep, reconnecting with non-camp friends (just kidding, there are only camp friends…), re-establishing the habits and routines of the day to day, and saying goodbye for the next ten months to all the random-ness, familiarity, comfort, challenge, bone-tired but not gonna sleep, uplifting, bewildering, happy and heart-warming stuff that we pass our days with here in the woods.  It is the definition of bitter-sweet, the ephemeral nature of the summer is part of what makes camp so magical - it would not be nearly so satisfying if it did not have a hard deadline - but it is so hard to say goodbye nonetheless.  We find it a struggle, even after all these years.

So to for your camper, yet without the emotional coping skills of an adult, or the many summers of experience to know how to adjust to “the real world”.  In just 2 days time, you’ll be receiving a teenager who at the least has had a wonderfully fun, exhausting, challenging summer of learning.  They may have had a life affirming, world changing, summer, or series of summers.  Some of you will be getting such a teen back for the first time from MTC (hopefully first of many).  For others, this may be their last summer as they age out, with all the booming resonance that entails.  For some campers, after a shower, a couple of favorite meals, and a good nights sleep, they will be back to the usual routine.  For others, it may take quite a bit more time to get back in sync with the family, school, outside world. 

We have a few hints and tips for how to help your camper get past their post-camp blues in a way that is positive and productive

  • Give them a little space at first. They’ll tell you all about it (for the next several years for the real hard cases), but this has been their experience, and they may be a little jealous about sharing at first.  They will though, and we apologize for the endless stories involving people you don’t know… 
  • Speaking of people you don’t know. Have your camper reach out to camp friends.  We can help facilitate.  Let us know if your camper doesn’t have someone’s full name, or means to contact them.  If you are amenable to it, grant permission to staff who contact you to ask if they can keep in contact with your camper.
  • if you do ask questions, ask open ended questions – what was the biggest challenge? What was your favorite aspect?  What did you learn about yourself? 
  • Show them the camp website and photo gallery, photos are free to download.
  • Help them make a plan to meet up with a camp friend in the not too distant future. This is a big one.
  • Ask your camper to help you fill out the post-camp survey.
  • Register early for next summer – you’ll save money and give them peace of mind knowing that the session they want won’t be filled before they get a chance to sign up.


2019S1W2D6 - Climbing Trip - 029Trips

The summer is nearing its end as we start our final activity week at camp!  The first trip that went out this week is our Rock Climbing trip.  The campers on this trip got to enjoy a day of rock climbing as well as a well-deserved ice cream trip afterwards.  Then, on Activity Day 2, we had the last Freeport Shopping trip of the summer!  On this trip, the campers get to enjoy a day of shopping at the Freeport Outlets in Freeport, ME.  The outlet center has an array of shops that the campers will be able to buy things at lower prices than most shopping areas and have lunch together.  These two trips will wrap up our summer of trips at MTC.  It’s been a great summer of trips and we look forward to the experiences this week to come!




Travel confirmations have gone out with departure information. Please make sure to review this information.


2019S2W3D1 - Period 1 - 087Program

Second week is done and dusted, the final activity week of 2019 is underway. Where did this summer go?  All that left over energy and excitement will certainly be put to good use this week. Ski show is back, along with Happy Karaoke Fun Time and Tie Dye. New additions being Balance & Stability, Guitar Sight Reading, MTC Experience and Metal Mocha. Certainly switching things up this final week to keep everyone guessing, whilst a few program areas are building up to their big shows. Later on there will be Live Dance where all the bands will perform, as well as the Camp Show, Video Show & Dance Show, followed up with the Art Show after festivus.  Speaking of festivus, preparations are well underway for that, as campers will be giving their best yee haw as we transform back to the Wild Wild West.

- Jason

2019S2W2SD - LT Trip  - 042LT

This week the LTs hosted the Assistant Counselors (ACs) from Camp Wyonegonic for girls. They played a few games and gave the ladies a tour of MTC while discussing the similarities and differences between the two camps as well as the things they've learned this summer about leadership and what it means to be a counselor at camp. We're hoping to grow our relationship with Wyonegonic's program so that next year's LTs may also visit their camp.

-Aaron & Marissa


2019S2W2SD - Jesse Ruben Show - JC - 013

What a fantastical summer it is panning our to be! Movie night was relaxing and had a 4-D feel with Jaws on the beach! Zen den was relaxing leading up to a busy upcoming week! 
Big shout out to Jesse Ruben, Chloe Jones, and Ajay Henry for a spectacular performance that ended week 2.To kick our final week off, we had the beloved cabin night, where cabins got to spend time with each other at one of our highly popular stations, from Chillin & Grillin with Pinesy, to SportsBar with Arvind, to creating and eating their own pizza & dessert, a trip to Devil’s Den to watch the sunrise, Movie night under the stars, song recording with the heads of music, Cupcakes and Cats to Goat-ting around and having a picnic in nature, all options left the campers with a smile.We went into the world of Hunger Games at our Deathtrap Dungeon cabin challenge, where campers battled against each other in trivia, physical and mental competitions to be the last cabin standing. 
The following night, it was time to relax with Chill Out Night. Our campers had an opportunity to do activities that brought them each a little more inner peace and relaxation, whether that be Drawing, Creative Writing, Basketball, Meditation, Yoga, Fishing, Hiking, Star Gazing, Spa Station, Storytelling, it was all a good time!Up next is Live Dance, Camp/Video/Dance show, festivus and so much more! Tune in for our final week to see what’s happening at MTC!

-Djenaba & Hal



Summer 2019 is sadly starting to draw to a close but even so, we can’t wait to celebrate the second session camper bands in our live dance concert this week!

We have five awesome camper bands performing plus a few numbers from the staff band too. Everyone has been working really hard on their songs and can’t wait to show the rest of camp what they have been rehearsing for the past three activity weeks!

Earlier this week we had MTC alumni and singer-songwriter Jesse Ruben join us for a special musical performance at the MTC showcase, with co-heads of music Chloe Jones and Ajay Henry opening the show.  All of camp gathered down at the ski beach to watch the performances under a clear, starry night sky with the beautiful Stanley Pond as the backdrop, making it an extra special night!

Speaking of singer-songwriters and original’s a clip of the wonderful Mckenzie W. singing her original song Lose Touch which she wrote and recorded in songwriting class this session!  Maybe in a few years time she will be returning to camp just like Jesse Ruben to perform for us all!- Chloe, Ajay, and Sean


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