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What Parents Have Said About Summer 2017 (A Small Sample...)

Each year we survey our camper families, after the summer, to see how we are doing.  This is a small sample of some of the feedback we've received so far.  We think it captures as much of the camp experience as anything we could say.

What did your camper enjoy most about MTC?

"Making friends with people from all over the world and country. He felt that everyone was so accepting of each other."

S1EP - 4th of July - 004"M has made wonderful friendships with co campers and grown close to her counselors and camp staff. She's most attracted to MTC for the social connections but also loves the physical beauty on campus and all of the amazing activities campers are encouraged to take part in. She loved the pottery this year and working out. She even acknowledges how refreshing it is to take a break from technology, particularly pervasive phone use! M said expanded access to the lake was a great addition this year."

"What I liked most were the ambiance, relations with campers and counselors, the various sport activities and the rafting trip"

"Exposure to other cultures, exposure to new activities"

"She would say the people. I would go a step further to say that MTC is an incredibly positive environment where campers feel encouraged to be independent and to try new things without worrying about criticism or harsh judgment. This creates an environment that makes it easy for the people in it to be the best versions of themselves."

"C enjoyed making new friends, the numerous activities to choose from and, learning from her counselors"

"All the wonderful people that he met including campers and staff!"

"Meeting new people, making friends not only with other campers but with the counsellors and making new things"

"Music lessons, music theory, being in a band"

"Gaining confidence and making friends. How welcoming and loving everyone was."

"Encouragement from the counselors, diversity of campers, non-judgmental environment"

"Making friendships where he felt like he "fit in"."

"Meeting so many like minded kids. Loved her counselors. Lack of phones although she would never admit it. Dance classes"

"The friends he made, the variety of activities, the fun experiences and evening activities. He especially liked all the international campers -- lots of stories there! And T now loves fishing :)"

"Positive interactions with peers, the diverse selection of stimulating activities, the whitewater rafting trip. Circus arts - who knew?"

Tell us what did we do that was beneficial to your camper?

"Give them a safe, fun environment to be themselves. Give them new activities to try. No electronics is a necessary re-set for any teenager's ability to socialize with their peers. T has made friends for life here."

"He came back more self confident and responsible"

"SO many things it's hard to quantify. The structured activities that still allow for independence."

"Meeting people from around the world. The individual attention from counselors when needed and the amazingly positive attitude of the whole staff."

S1W1D3 - Activities - 185"Create a positive attitude where he felt like a valued member of the community. He loved the diversity of people and activities."

"You create a very accepting and positive environment that promotes real connections among campers and staff. It's a wholesome environment, without being overly constricted, regulated and directed. There's a lot of opportunity to try new things without fear of embarrassment and to be creative without pressure."

"Allowed her to be independent while enjoying the natural beauty of Maine."

"The diversity of campers from all over the world was an amazing experience. The way you understood what teens want to do"

"When he screwed up, you held him accountable."

"Since everything was teen focused, she was able to interact with more mature teenagers, I also think she is a little more mature, and has a true appreciation for the simple things in life."

"She was away from social media and able to make some real friendships."

"Freedom to just be kids in a safe non judge mental place"

"More self confidence and passion for things"

"Everything. E, who tends to be uptight was able to let go and fully participate in all the activities. He loved playing in a band, and learning to play acoustic guitar as well as ASL which he will be taking at school this year as a foreign language."

"Facilitated her socialization skills, hopefully it helped her decrease her social anxiety. Helped her in realizing that she can be in her own without Mom around"

"You always do a great job with her. She needs this experience to help her grow and mature."

S2W3D1 - Activities - 146"Got her active all day, outside, with lots of physical activity. Took away her cell phone (this is her father's response)"

"you build her confidence, give her a place she feels entirely at home, and allow her to relax after a year of hard work in school."

"Gave him the confidence that there are other kids with whom he can relate, and who like him and who ARE like him."

"He came back with a renewed self confidence that I had never seen and was eager to talk about Camp"

"I think it is great that they don't have their phones. It is also fantastic to have campers from all over the world"

"Staff and other campers treated her with warmth and kindness, Provided a structured and fun PHONE FREE space, offered her some new cool experiences (water skiing, community service)."

"Building confidence and independence; meeting so many new friends and being inspired by them and the possibilities offered by MTC"

Additional information or comments

"Thank you :)"

"Our son loved your camp – we loved seeing the great atmosphere you create there and leadership you provide"

"E’s time at camp was transformational for him. He had had a horrible experience at his previous camp, being bullied, and the culture promoted at MTC provided a spectacular environment for him and his sense of self worth. Came back all smiles!!!!"

"We (including our camper) really appreciate that it is adjusted to teenagers. That they can choose, have some freedom and not to many rules. That they are treated as far as possible, equally to adults. We also appreciated that the counselors, were leader but also friends, mentor and big brothers-realtion. Great work. Really nice to here that you know how to have fun, that you could go wild and crazy (in a healthy way, of course) like dans on the table, color party."

"MTC was a great place for D to be himself, do art, and make friends. I applaud you all for making it a place where teens have fun and are unplugged and silly."

"just keep doing what you're doing..."

"MTC was great! They aim to please and I think they really care and want to make sure that the campers are happy and are having a good time at the same time ensuring a safe environment as these teenagers explore their world."

S2W3D2 - Activities - 008"Wonderful people and wonderful magical place that both my children have benefitted from."

"Just can't really fully express my appreciation and gratitude for all the staff and experiences that put a smile on my son's face, and created lifelong happy memories for him. This was a tough year for us as a family, so having a break from the stress was a wonderful thing for him."

"Just thankyou"

"P had an amazing experience at camp this summer- she made great friends from all over the world. She loved wakeboarding, tennis, the evening programs and basically the entire experience."

"positive all around - great job MTC - we will be back"

"Julia has been very, very happy in the MTC. I haven't been there but watching the photos I wish I was her age and could also participate. Thanks for everything."

"I cannot think to do anything better"

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