What is the Step-Up Session?

Session Description:

2019S1 - Arrival Day - 196

The Step-Up session at MTC provides a unique experience to preteens, who want to try a “teen camp” experience for the first time. The Step-Up session allows 12 year old campers to stay a shorter session with regular MTC campers, with additional attention given to their experience at camp to make their time with us a successful one. It is our hope that the Step-Up session is simply the first of many sessions your camper spends at their new summer home.

Goal of the Session:
Goal of Step-Up Session – To be able to offer a shorter, “trial” session at a lower price to families who have 12 year olds not yet age eligible for longer sessions at MTC. For campers who have not been to “sleep away” camp before or are ready for a new camp experience at age 12, this is the perfect option.

ADD-ONS of the Session:2019S1W2D6 - Climbing Trip - 010-2-1Dedicated Staff. A additional dedicated staff member to monitor each campers’ experience and give them someone to check in with about how their experience is going each day. This person is not their individual cabin counselor, but a senior staff person who has a special interest in making sure the Step-Up camper’s experience is the best that it can be. This individual will be made available to speak directly to parents who want an update on their camper’s stay.


“Welcome to Camp” treat bag
Each camper will be provided with a bag of goodies to welcome them to camp on the first day. Each bag may include such items as a small fleece blanket, a yoga mat, and water bottle.

A Check-in Call with Home.
Your Step-Up Session camper’s cabin counselor or senior staff member will call each camper’s home during the first part of their stay with us, to provide any feedback and let you know how your camper is doing at camp. They will also be available for updates upon request.

Cabin Night.
The group of Step-Up Session campers will have a “Cabin Night” their first night of camp, to help establish connections with others in the cabin, along with their cabin counselor.

*Personalized Elective Schedule and Group Facilitation by senior staff member.
2018S2W1D1 - Camp Fire - 001-1Each camper will have their pick of our choice, without feeling like they will miss out on what most interests them. They will pick 4 activities, with each one being about an hour long. Step-Up campers specifically will have one activity period as a group, facilitated by a senior staff member each day. Further, they will have another activity period that is designated as their “free” period, in which they can visit the library, the camp store, waterfront, and several other open activities.


Maine Teen Camp Future Discount.For any registered StepUp camper, we offer 10% off any tuition for the following summer if registering prior to December 31 in the same calendar year. This offer may be combined with Early Enrollment Specials.

*COVID-19 NOTE: For summer 2021, please note that we may instead have a HYBRID schedule of group activities, facilitated activities, or
regularly scheduled activities to meet necessary Covid-19 protocols. This will not be determined until Maine CDC regulations for summer
camps have been finalized in later spring.

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