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Let's Listen: Why "March for our Lives" is as much about empowering Teens as it is about Gun Control

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The shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas HS in Florida this past week is a tragedy beyond our ability to comprehend. So many wonderful lives gone, for no point. So many families irreparably torn. So many kids and teachers witness to events that have no place in our modern society.

This has happened before, of course. And for many of us, a feeling of pessimism and resignation has taken hold, that nothing will change.

But this time something is different. It has been widely noted that the use of social media during this mass shooting event has hammered home the reality in a way not seen before. It is hard to argue against this fact. It is also that the older students at Majory Stoneman Douglas are more capable, more willing, and have the right to be heard.


A Parents Perspective on Camp: Part 4 - From "NO WAY" to "Bring on Next Summer", in Italian

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The fourth guest blog in our parents perspective series is from Laura C, of Catania, Italy.  Her two oldest sons will be returning for their 2nd and 3rd summers at MTC in 2018

On 1st October 2001 my first son Stefano was born; after all the doctors and relatives had gone and we were just the three of us for the first time, my husband holding and staring at our newborn told him: “When you will be 14, in the summer, you will go to the States for one month”. Being a Sicilian mother having just delivered her first son I said “WHAT???”, he gently replied “When you will be 14, in the summer you will go to the States for one month”, I said:”NO WAY!”.


A Parents Perspective on Camp: Part 2 - "The Happiest Surprise"

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(We will be featuring a series of guest posts on the MTC blog over the coming months.  This post is contributed by Heather A., camper parent 2017/18.)

Here is the portion of my blog post filled with genuine and deeply-felt praise, awe, and gratitude for the wonderful job Maine Teen Camp does. My daughter went to MTC at the end of a rocky first year of high school. The school year ended on a Wednesday and she was headed to Maine that Sunday. She left our house exhausted, strung out on academic pressure and social media dependence, living in a microcosm of harsh judgment and unattainable expectations from her peers and, even more-so, herself; a bundle of raw nerves. Two short weeks later she returned to us a happy, healthy, confident bundle of swoony memories of her best summer ever.


A Parents Perspective on Camp: Part 1 - Summers 2014 & 2017

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(We will be featuring a series of guest posts on the MTC blog over the coming months.  This post is contributed by Tracy Preston, MTC parent summer 2014 & 2017.)

When I was a teen in 1970s London, I dreamt of going to one of the Camps in the USA that I had seen in the movies.  Camps looked fun, inclusive, and full of activity and new friends to make – usually set on a lake in a beautiful location.  At that time in my life – I would have been lucky to get a summer day to trip to a beach in grey old England, and my dreams of camp life in America – would remain just that – dreams.


Identity - The Most Important Achievement of Adolescence

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Outcome # 1 – Identity

In this somewhat more detailed post, we will look at the role MTC can play in the teenage development of identity.  Identity is a coherent and resilient sense of self that forms the basis of a personality and reputation, and provides the foundation for additional growth and learning.  We view identity formation as the single most important achievement of adolescence.

The importance of identity formation in adolescence is hard to understate.  For the pre-eminent Development Psychologist Erikson, identity formation was not only the most important goal of the late childhood – adolescent years, it was an essential task that must be completed for the individual to grow into a healthy and successful adult.


The Convert: Becoming a Believer in Maine Camps

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Source: The Convert: Becoming a Believer in Maine Camps | Maine Camp Experience

This post is contributed by Andy Bill, Maine Teen Camp parent.

I was brought up in England and, despite an extended stay in the U.S. (30 years and counting), I knew nothing about summer camps or their nostalgic tradition. Until last spring, when my two boys, aged 13 and 14, overheard their friends planning their hazy-happy summer weeks, romping through the woods, as feral as Lost Boys in Never Never Land, sprung from the servitude of the Connecticut suburbs and their parents’ incessant advice.

I was, I admit, a bit cynical about the idea.

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