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Not Just a Pretty Face

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We get a lot of visitors at camp – families coming to tour, former campers and staff coming by to say hi, newly engaged couples looking for the perfect wedding venue, vendors dropping off supplies or making repairs. Without exception, and regardless of how many camps they have seen, all our visitors comment on the amazing natural beauty of MTC. A comment made frequently enough to be our unofficial motto is “it’s not the biggest camp I’ve ever seen, but it sure is the prettiest”.

It’s good that visitors, campers, parents, and staff remind us of how lovely MTC is, because we sometimes get so focused on programming, on staff training, on camper and parent concerns, that it can be easy to take our beautiful setting for granted. But we shouldn’t, and not just because it is an aesthetically pleasing place to be. We apply the same amount of intentionality to our camp grounds and buildings as we do to our activity schedule.


In Defense of Winter, Pt 2

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In Defense of Winter – Part 2

Or, in other words, the reasons why a really cold winter is part of glorious summers in Maine….
Several years ago (2011 to be exact), I published a blog post titled In Defense of Winter, which extolled the virtues of the harsh Maine winters.  Mostly I argued from the perspective of “harsh winters = less people want to live here = more open space and undeveloped land = clean air and water = the perfect landscape for a summer camp”.  All of that is still true, and for interest sake, you can read the full blog here:


The Convert: Becoming a Believer in Maine Camps

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Source: The Convert: Becoming a Believer in Maine Camps | Maine Camp Experience

This post is contributed by Andy Bill, Maine Teen Camp parent.

I was brought up in England and, despite an extended stay in the U.S. (30 years and counting), I knew nothing about summer camps or their nostalgic tradition. Until last spring, when my two boys, aged 13 and 14, overheard their friends planning their hazy-happy summer weeks, romping through the woods, as feral as Lost Boys in Never Never Land, sprung from the servitude of the Connecticut suburbs and their parents’ incessant advice.

I was, I admit, a bit cynical about the idea.


Advice From a Former Staff...

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This post is contributed by Zoe Pearce, MTC Staff Member

I BEG YOUNG PEOPLE TO... travel abroad or work abroad or both. Do it all. Grab a backpack and go. Or if you’re called Zoe & Kim, grab three suitcases each and take them to summer camp. (We never did master the art of traveling light). If you don't have a passport, get one. Take just one year or one summer and just go. Have your mind blown.

Dig some interesting people. Eat some interesting food. Have an adventure. Be careful. Come back and you're going to see stuff differently. It will change the way you relate to the world. It will change the way you relate to others after you’re exposed to so much diversity. There are lessons that you can't get out of a book that are waiting for you at the other end of that flight.


How Lucky We Are!

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Two weeks ago, Monique and my world changed fairly drastically. Our son, Tanner Rhodes, was born in the early morning of May 4th. A healthy, wiggly, happy little boy, we had been waiting to meet this little guy for a very long time. Now he is here, and we are feeling incredibly lucky, tired and very happy.

One aspect of the whole experience has added a wonderful depth to our happiness. That aspect is the outpouring of congratulations, expressions of joy and welcome, from the massive extended family that is the camp community. While we are always aware of the connections made at MTC, and how strong those connections are, it is not so often that these connections are mapped out. In the days and weeks since Tanner was born we have been simply inundated with well wishes from near and far.


In Defense of Winter, Pt 1

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Last Friday in Maine was a glorious thing. 70 degree weather in the middle of March. T-shirts and flip-flops were put on notice, and the winter jackets cast aside with hardly a glance or so much as a thank you. Then this morning appeared 3 inches of fresh snow. This week’s forecast: snow showers, cold, and windy. What to make of these mixed signals? Simply this – like every year, spring is taking its time. When it finally does arrive, well…there is nothing like it.

The long, cold winter months will have given way to the bright, fresh air; the quiet solitude of the woods pushed aside by the rush of new life. It is an amazing time of year and it wouldn’t be possible without those cold winter months. In fact, for all the bad press it gets, we who love the summer in Maine owe winter a big debt of thanks. Let me explain…

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